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Junior 6 years ago
Jesus! This woman can't even moan convincingly much less act!
django 7 years ago
Holy fuckin robots or what??
Slightly confused 6 years ago
Not sure if it's a goose honking but wish the mute button was handy
Hot 6 years ago
More women like this. Less cameramen like this.
Ktrain 6 years ago
That was straight smoking
alan 7 years ago
whats her name
bob 7 years ago
Is marry this women and fuck her everyday
Dan 7 years ago
Jay Kay ....just started to stroke my dick n finger my girls pussy and we watched the start. We agree....clothes off n lubing up for a hot start RULES!!!!! ;)
This bitch 7 years ago
Cannot act and makes the worst sound over and over again
jay kay 7 years ago
Beautiful bitch. The moment where they started to take their cloths off is about the only interesting part of the whole scene. She looked like stoned as hell and that should have been backed up with a good camera job, light music to kill her horrible mourning and a good dicking to complement her beauty!